EALT Master's Course


Based on the Erasmus Multilateral Project AMELIE and related programme pilot years in 2012/13 (in Vienna) and 2013/14 (in Paris), from 2014/15 onwards the European Academy of Legal Theory offers a one-year (60 ECTS) advanced Master's Course in Legal Theory (LL.M.; language of instruction: English).

Participants will study at one or more Academy partner universities (mobility phases and/or dual degree tracks), as follows: a single degree track with and without short term mobility windows, double degree tracks with compulsory semester mobility windows and a multiple degree track with compulsory semester mobility windows.

In particular, the following study tracks will be on offer from 2014/1, one local track wholly completed in Frankfurt and several options for international short-term mobility windows and dual/multiple degree mobility (with one or two semesters spent at another partner university).

The main study tracks and combination possibilities for dual degree tracks are the following:

  • Single Degree Track: 2 semesters at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main (EUR 6.200; single LL.M. degree from GU Frankfurt), including mobility window options for short term stays at other partner universities.
Mobility Windows and Dual-Degree Tracks within the Network of the European Academy of Legal Theory (EALT):

  • Dual Degree Track University of Bologna (incl. mobility window options at EUI Florence and University of Palermo), dual degrees from GUI Frankfurt and Bologna; additional course fees and travel costs may apply
  • Combination Track Jagiellonian University of Cracow in Poland (up to 30 ECTS), additional course fees and travel costs may apply
  • Combination Track Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels/Belgium (up to 30 ECTS), additional course fees and travel costs may apply
  • Multiple Degree Track University of Vienna/City University Hong Kong (3 Semester, 90 ECTS; multiple degrees GU Frankfurt/University of Vienna/CityU Hong Kong; additional tuition fees of approx. EUR 11.000 and travel costs apply)
The full range of study opportunities and related information is available on the programme website at www.llminlegaltheory.eu. The new curriculum offers prospective students the benefit of studying and/or undertaking research in more than one of the partner institutions - based on their scholarly expectations/ preferences.


From 2014/15 onwards, the Academy's LLM-Programme in Legal Theory is hosted at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main. It starts in October 2014 and welcomes applicants from all over the world holding a basic law degree or equivalent and having completed one year of professional and/or research experience.

The following EALT partner universities contribute to the offering of the LLM-programme in Legal Theory:

  • Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main (host university)
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Jagiellonian University Cracow
  • University of Bologna in cooperation with EUI Florence
  • University of Lucerne
  • University of Vienna
  • Stockholm University
  • Freie Universität Berlin
For detailed information on the program, admission, and the application procedure please visit the official programme website (www.llminlegaltheory.eu).

The number of available places is restricted. Application deadline will be April 15th, 2014 and June 15th, 2014 (late application for open places).

The tuition fee will amount to EUR 6.200,- for the basic single degree track at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main (details will be available from the end of 2013 onwards; excl. mobility costs for mobility phases or dual degree tracks at other partner universities, costs for housing, living and course books, etc.).

The programme cannot not itself offer financial aid to students. Applicants will however be able to apply for a reduction of tuition fees (according to excellence; details will be available in the application form). For general grant programmes for studying in Germany, please visit the Grant-Database of the German Academic Exchnage Service (DAAD). Estimated living costs for studying in Germany can be found here.


Creating AMELIE under the given consortium composition built on existing efforts to bridge university customs, national cultures and legal traditions and reconcile the study of positive law and the study of legal theory, and addressed the artificial separation of legal theory branches. The AMELIE objectives fall in line with the overarching ideal behind the concept of Universitas.

The Consortium commits itself to a long-term contribution towards achieving this ideal: the establishment of an authentic European legal theory community.

Hence, the European Graduate Network in Legal Theory will be further developed as soon as the AMELIE master’s course is fully operational. Namely, EALT’s AMELIE master and the joint PhD programme in “Globalisation and Legal Theory” of the Universities of Antwerp, Glasgow and Tilburg will offer the unique opportunity to study in subsequent joint master and PhD international and interdisciplinary courses in legal theory.

On the basis of the related preparations for the full implementation of the final AMELIE curriculum with GU Frankfurt as its gravity center, the consortium has already started to prepare for an Erasmus+ Joint Master Programme application in order to be able to offer attractive scholarships to prospective students and to figure among the top-league of European joint master programmes (also as part of the future valorisation strategy for the AMELIE project results obtained).

In the meantime, also an application for a new Erasmus strategic partnership in order to foster the cooperation of the AMELIE consortium and associated partner network is under discussion and likely to be delivered already for the April 2014 deadline (e.g. for the support of the further integration of the European Graduate Network in Legal Theory).